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Miniature Collectors Club
Link to subscribe to share ideas for making miniature furniture, food, clothes and other items while educating.
Miniature Eats-N-Treats
Subscription link to a list for making dollhouse treats and accessories.
Subscription link to a group for learning about and sharing roombox projects but all miniature related topics are welcome.
Small Stuff Miniature Digest Subscriber Link
Miniature digest subscriber links

Links of Interest

Barbara Sabia
Miniature stained glass artisan
Blackwells of Hawkwells
UK supplier with some harder to find items such as Mini Mundus furniture kits.
Bromley Craft Products
UK supplier for DIY dollhouse items such as shingles, brick templates, etc.
Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures
CDHM offers a visual catalog of artisan work, an online service for the artisan, and a forum for artisan and collector alike to communicate and ask questions.
Cynthia Howe Miniatures
Doll mold, doll kits, doll patterns, laser bits 'n kits. Also does major online tutorials periodically.
Dave's Attic
Dave's Attic Miniatures is the only miniature website dedicated entirely to the furniture and style of the Art Deco and Modern periods of the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. Our products are reasonably priced, unique, handcrafted miniature furniture and accessories.
ELF Miniatures
High quality MODERN dolls house furniture, accessories and kits, specialising in fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition to exclusive furniture, ELF stocks a wide range of modern miniatures, including replica designer chairs, and a range of vehicles.
Grandpa's Dollhouse
Shop located in Port Stanley, Ontario.
Imagination Mall
Source for miniature and doll house resources on the web
Janet Granger Designs
Miniature embroidery kits in 1/12 scale
Kari Bloom, Miniton Miniatures
Handcrafted Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, 50's retro and modern furniture, and kits
Magic Miniatures
Here you will find a variety of unusual, artisan crafted miniature items such as 1/12th scale dolls, molded Venetian masks, tapestry charts and kits and several other items. The list owner also stocks various supplies.
Martha McLean Miniatures
Martha McLean Miniatures showcases an array of handcrafted dollhouse miniature floral arrangements by Martha McLean.
Micro-stitchery by Bobbie Schoonmaker
Miniature needlepoint kits on silk gauze for dollhouse accessories
Miniature Net
A site to promote dollhouse miniatures, providing a forum for beginners to learn from experienced crafters, and locating fellow collectors and creators on the Web.
Miniature Web
A source for artisan websites
Mott's Dollhouse Shop
Over 10,000 miniature items, doll houses, dollhouse kits, dolls, Bespaq, artisan items, and everything you need to build, finish and furnish any dolls house or miniature home.
Neil Carter Miniatures
Bronze sculpture in 1/12 and related scales cast using the lost wax process
PRD Miniatures
Modern 1:12 scale furniture and designs
Stiches in Miniature
Needlepoint rug kits and patterns, and miniature fabrics.
Swan House DIY
Do-it-yourself dollhouses and room boxes - everything from ceiling medallions and wallpaper to windows, doors, hardware and more. Do it!
Swan House Miniatures
A wide selection of artisan pieces from all over the world, organized by type and by artisan.
Texas Tiny
Texas Tiny specializes in unique Texas-themed 1:12 scale miniatures. Cowboy and Cowgirl miniatures, American-Indian, Hispanic Mexican and general Western categories are continually being added to with new items such as miniature cowhide chairs and rugs, Texas landscape paintings, Talavera style tile fireplaces, ponds, and tabletops miniature dollhouse piñatas, and more. Although the culture of the Southwest is broad, Texas Tiny celebrates the vibrancy and myth particularly associated with the state of Texas in its miniature scenes.
ULUS Miniatures
Finely made 1" scale miniature pieces by José María Bolio
Valerie Claire Miniatures
Valerie Claire Miniatures specializes in hand made dolls house shop stock - Haberdashery, Grocery, Chemist & Pharmacy, Hats, Jewelers and Christmas. The site also supply unusual printed paper kits — the finishing touches that will add character— making your miniature projects unique & lived in! Jewelry findings can help you make miniature handbags, jewelry shop displays and much more....
Victoria Mini-Land
Dollhouse and miniature shop located in Victoria, B.C. Includes exclusive dollhouse and miniature items.
Westminster Miniatures
UK miniature supplier

Smale Scale Suppliers

B J Miniatures
Quarter-scale specialists
Karen Carey's Miniatures
Your resource for quality laser cut quarter (1/4") scale miniature doll house miniature furniture and house kits.
Michelle's Miniatures
Browse the site and find original laser cut kits in four scales, one inch, half inch, quarter inch and miniature watch case scale. These kits include dollhouse accessories, dollhouse trunks, leather trunks, miniature shelving kits, wine racks, room box kits, miniature bench kits, dollhouse furniture kits and Christmas kits.
Miniatures Only - Auction Site
Requires sign-up
Pamela Junk Miniatures
Whimsical 1 inch, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch kits, and dolls
Petworth Miniatures
A rapidly expanding repertoire of ¼" (1:48) scale laser cut furniture kits
The Quarter Source
¼" (1:48) Scale Laser Cut Furniture and Accessory Kits, Quarter Scale Room Box Kits and Structure Kits by Karen Benson.
Petite Properties
Specialists in 1:24, 1:48 and 1:144 scales.


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